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At Rubber Soul Bicycles, we're proud of the brands we represent. Our goal is to provide you the best overall experience when purchasing a new bike, repairing an old one, or getting professionally fitted on your current bike.

The brands we carry are an integral part of ensuring your overall satisfaction when you do business with Rubber Soul Bicycles.

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Rubber Soul Bicycles Carries Trek Bikes

You know the name, you know the legacy, but do you know the story?

In a rented red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin, five friends got together to hand build steel touring bicycles. The year was 1976, and the Trek Bicycle Company was born.

It was an era when the most popular bicycles were being built in Europe and Japan, yet only three years later, Trek had already gained a stellar reputation for passion and quality and gained a loyal following.

As their reputation grew Trek outgrew the old barn, so they built a new facility, this time in an old cornfield. The cycling world would never be the same.


In 1982, Trek dove into the world of racing bicycles with the introduction of their 750/950 series race bike (left). The move signified a commitment to pushing racing technology to new levels and showed their dedication to making fine bicycles for all cyclists.

And, a year later, with the sport still in its infancy and only a handful of companies making off-roaders, Trek joined the mountain-bike revolution with their 820, which was soon a best-seller.

Trek pioneered the use of carbon in bicycles.Pushing the limits
Not one to rest on conventional technology, Trek released the revolutionary 2300 in 1987 (left). The front triangle was made of a new material from the aerospace industry called carbon fiber. Two years later, Trek attempted to outsource a monocoque carbon frame that failed to meet their rigid standards. This failure instilled Trek with the determination to pursue carbon technology and control the entire manufacturing process themselves.

OCLV carbon was born, and by '92, frames crafted with it exceeded aerospace quality controls, became the lightest production frames in the world and set the standard for American-made quality that would go on to make Tour de France history.

Meanwhile, in the dirt, Trek nabbed 10th place at the first-ever UCI Mountain-Bike World Championships under a young rider by the name of Travis Brown. Then, as the mountain-bike world explored full-suspension designs, Trek entered the fray with a simple, single-pivot bike, the 8900. And, in '93, fat-tire pioneer and iconoclast, Gary Fisher joined the Trek family and brought with him the most popular name in off-road cycling. Also that year, OCLV carbon hit the dirt with the lightest production mountain frame, the 9900. It became the official bike of the first Trek-sponsored mountain-bike team.

Lance Armstrong dominated the sport for 7 years on Trek bicycles!The year it all changed
In 1997, Trek signed a former World Champion roadie when he was dropped from his European team after being diagnosed with cancer. His name was Lance Armstrong. A year later, Trek created the Advanced Concept Group, whose sole focus was to pursue new applications of frame and suspension design. Their motto: "From trikes to the Tour de France."

And their technology allowed Lance Armstrong to win the '99 Tour de France aboard Trek's production 5200. He became the first American to win on an American team, on an American bike. The 5200 went on to become one of the best-selling bikes ever.

And, by 2005, Trek and Lance had done the unthinkable rewriting the history books with 7 consecutive Tour wins. And, all of the bikes Lance rode were available to the public. Plus, that same year, Tom Danielson won America's biggest road race, the Tour of Georgia, and Paolo Savoldelli won the Giro d'Italia, both on Trek Madone SL 5.9s

Everything else is history
Lance retired, memories fade, but what hasn't faded is Trek's passion and innovation. They continue to set new benchmarks in comfort, speed and ride quality. They use a blank-slate approach — no givens or constraints. Anything and everything is questioned. The only requirement: no compromises between ride quality and weight. Merge form and function. Make it striking and make it beautiful.

From 8 Tours de France in 9 years, to Ironman competitions, from Olympic gold medals to Red Bull Rampages, from NORBA Nationals to World Cup victories, Trek has been on top of the podium at every level of cycling.

Check out the wide selection of Trek bicycles at Rubber Soul Bicycles and experience the difference soon.

We have a wide selection of Trek bicycles!

Cervélo Bikes From Rubber Soul Bicycles

Cervelo bicycles are light, fast and state-of-the-art!

Cervelo's name comes from the Italian "cervello" for brain and French "velo" for bike, and represents the incredible ingenuity that goes into every Cervelo frame. Always pushing the envelope of what's possible, Cervelo's focus on state-of-the-art materials, top-tech engineering and exceptional aerodynamics has produced some of the lightest, fastest and best-riding bikes available.

Cervelo frames undergo rigorous testing!

Cervelo was founded by Gerard Vroomen and Phil White, two engineers who worked together to design and build a time-trial bike for a top Italian racer. While the cutting-edge machine received excellent reviews, no company was interested in producing it. So, the duo decided to go into business for themselves.

In 1996, Cervelo debuted with two road and two time-trial frames and they really began to shine in 2000 when the International Cycling Union imposed strict rules for frame shapes. Cervelo embraced the challenge creating the amazing P3, one of the fastest TT and tri bikes in the world. Click to enlarge!

In 2002, Cervelo became the official bike supplier of Team CSC and working with their top pros, expanded their road bike offerings and improved their time-trial models further. Today, Cervelo offers some of the most advanced designs available. The R family of road bikes employs their Squoval down tube and chainstays for remarkable lightness and stiffness. The bikes also feature their feathery, leaf-spring-like seatstays for an ultra-smooth ride.

Meanwhile, Cervelo's Soloist models' Smartwall tubes are incredibly aerodynamic and light, ideal for long breakaways and tough climbs. Plus, their versatile geometry and reversible seatposts allow use for both road race and time trials.

Cervelo's bicycles feature Squoval tubes for stiffness and light weight!

Plus, their P2 and P3 Carbon time trial bikes utilize continuous-width rear wheel cutouts, wind-slicing head tubes and super-thin seatposts to slip through the air with as little resistance as possible.

Wherever and however you ride, Cervelo has a top-notch bicycle perfectly suited to conquering tough climbs, fierce headwinds and long miles so you can enjoy cycling like never before!

Swing by Rubber Soul Bicycles soon and check out our excellent selection of Cervelo bicycles!

Rubber Soul Digs Electra Bikes

Electra makes amazing townies, cruisers and city bikes you'll love!Electra's brilliant sense of style and purpose is reflected in every bicycle they build. Since their early days they've pushed the envelope with the finest cruisers, and comfort and commuting bikes. You'll always find cutting-edge designs and the finest materials and technologies, too. Electra's beautiful rides are engineered, designed and crafted to be enjoyed, ridden and treasured.

Click to enlarge!In the old days cruisers were cool-looking yet often heavy and best for short cruises around the neighborhood. Electra's original modern cruisers are an update of the classic designs that defined American bikes in the 40's and 50's. They kept the cool style and attitude and discarded the weight and lack of maneuverability going with unique new styles, lighter materials, engineering a better frame with their Flat Foot Technology, and then adding state-of-the-art components. So now you can love the classic look of your bike and ride comfortably for any distance enjoying your classic Electra

Click to enlarge!Electra has taken cruiser design to the next level, too. Their paint jobs are rich and unique so you stand apart. Their ingenuity doesn't stop with the paint, either. It's carried over to the accessories and components. For example, their spring-cushioned seats, flared fenders and chainguards complement the meticulous finish. And, the whitewall tires, painted rims and sweeping handlebars add a touch of class to every bike.

Swing by Rubber Soul Bicycles soon and we'll get you rolling on your own Electra!

Pinarello: A Preferred Brand from Rubber Soul Bicycles

Throughout the Pinarello story, we have worked with a number of the great road-racing champions. Team Sky and Team Movistar are our Pro Tour Teams; we will also be supporting the British Cycling Federation and the Italian and Argentinian national squads through to the London Olympics. We will be official sponsors of the Giro d’Italia for the next three years. Cycling is our business and we eat, sleep and breathe it every day. Wherever there is the thrill of pure competition, you can be sure that Pinarello will be there too. 

The birth of a great technological product has for us, three mandatory points: the quality of the idea, the experience acquired in the field, and the technical ability to produce. The place where these ideas emerge and where we develop our projects is the same as it’s always been: the Viale della Republica of Villorba, Treviso, in the heart of the Italian Veneto region. It’s a new headquarters built on the foundations of the past, more comfortable and organized than it was in 1956, the founding year of Pinarello Cycles. Today we are also in the position to decide how to translate our ideas and our plans for perfect machines, with the best constructive technology, with the best quality raw materials available on the global market, but above all in the best way possible to maintain the highest standards, which distinguish us. We partner only with organizations on our level, for example Toray, our Japenese carbon supplier, is already partnered with the two largest aerospace companies. Our men work always and only with one objective that can be expressed in a single word, excellence applied to the bicycle that can only be “Pinarello.”

Learn more about these amazing bikes at www.pinarellousa.com


Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1993 in a space the size of a single car garage in the Seabright Cannery, in Santa Cruz California. They now manufacture 16 models of mountain bike which includes a full women's Juliana range.  Made from either carbon fiber or aluminum, they cover everything from hardtails to 8.5" travel downhill machines.  They offer two suspension technologies; efficient single-pivot designs on certain aluminium bikes, and their advanced VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) technology on all high end models. VPP bikes are available with a wide range of component and suspension options to choose from, each hand-assembled to order in our California factory. Every one of their bikes is the distillation of their desire to ride and build the highest performance mountain bikes in the world. No more, no less.